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Swinging is a broad term used to describe everything from openly flirting with others to full on orgies with other consenting adult couples, single males and single females. Swinging is not one person in relationship finding a lover without the consent of their mate.

Swinger sex is primarily for married couples. Why would a couple want to swing if they're happy together ? The majority of couples in swinging seem to have a number of things going for them that are sadly lacking in their current relationships. By honestly sharing each other's sexual desires and fantasies, couples find that they create an intimate bond with each other.

There are a few styles of swinging.

Open swinging normally happen in a swing party where everyone swap and have sex in the same room or bed. This includes orgies and is great for exhibitionists & voyeurs, who can show off or just enjoy watching their partner play. If you really enjoy seeing your partner having sex with others, it will be enjoyable for you.

Closed swinging is where partners swap but have sex in separate rooms. Some people feel more relaxed and uninhibited in this manner.

Group swinging normally involves 3 or more couples in the same room.

Soft swinging mostly include foreplay with other partners, masturbation and sometimes including oral sex but no vaginal penetration. Soft swinging can add spice to a couple's relationship and allow them to have fun without the risk of getting sexually transmitted disease.

To jump start your swingers lifestyle, try to visit swingers clubs, browse through swinger personals ads and join a swinger party. In swingers party, you can see mature couples and amateur adult looking for fun too. Try to learn how they communicate with each other and also things you can do and cannot do so that you will not offend them unintentionally.

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