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How To Get Your Husband to Start Swinging

Swinging! I came across this article on swinging by chance; I was flipping through some women magazine while getting my hair done when this particular article caught my eye. I was thinking this could be the solution to my current predicament IF I can get my husband to agree. Don't get me wrong, even though I've been married for ages, I still love my old man and everything's good. The only "complaint" I have is that sex have become pretty routine.

Well, it's not that we don't enjoy sex anymore but what is lacking is the excitement; the Oomph! Over the years, we've been experimenting with ways to keep the heat up between the sheets. Swinging would definitely turn the heat up a few notches but then I'd have to convince yours truly first.

Not knowing how to broach the subject with my husband, I sort of confided to a close friend of my dilemma. To my surprise and relief, she told me that she has the exact same problem. Like me, her marriage is in great shape but their sex life could use a boost to keep the fire burning! She has tried to subtlety bring up this subject to her husband but she is not getting the desired response.

Now that I have a "partner in crime", we put our heads together and figure out how to get our husbands to adopt 'the lifestyle'. Instead of discussing the idea of swinging outright with our husbands, we decided that we'd give them a push in the right direction. This will be more spontaneous and a bigger turn on than any amount of talking.

We planned a double date with both our husbands and both of us wore sexy, revealing dresses for the date. Throughout dinner, we both flirted pretty openly and I caught Danny, my husband sneaking side long glances at Melanie more than once. The wine that we took with our meal is making both our husband more uninhibited. After dinner, Mel suggested that we adjourned to the local pub and she winked and whispered to me that our plan is working perfectly.

Down at the local joint, there was more booze, flirting and we danced with each other's husband. While we were on our way home, I asked Danny if he thinks that Mel is sexy since he'd been checking her out all night. He looked surprised and when I asked him if he'd like to get together with her, he sort of realized that the entire evening was a setup.

About that time, I got a call from Mel saying that Eric is game for swinging. Danny smiled and nodded his head. We met the following night at Eric's and started with soft swinging and the rest I'd say is history…

Swinging has enhanced our sexual life and brought us closer together at a more intimate level. In my case, we reaped all the positive effect of swinging but bear in mind that swinging is not for you if your relationship is on the rocks !

Happy Swinging !


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