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How To Get Your Partner Into Swinging Lifestyle

Are you one of those people who constantly seek for ways to enhance your sex life? If you are into threesomes, then "the lifestyle" would probably be your cup of tea too. Unlike threesome where you can just join another couple; swinging often would have to include your partner.

If you are wondering what swinging is, it's a form of recreational sex between consenting adults and it usually involves a couple meeting up with other couple for sex. It is also know as "the lifestyle". Depending on the kind of swinging club that you go to, rules differ and the sex can take place either on premise or off premise meaning that couples meet at the club and later adjourned elsewhere for sex.

By couples, I'm referring to male/female couple. Although most swinging clubs welcome single ladies and generally accept bisexual ones, the same cannot be said for single men. Suffice to say that the degree in which single men are welcome varies from club to club. Since swinging generally involves couples, this simply means no swinging unless you can convince your partner to swing too.

Before bringing up the subject of swinging, bear in mind that swinging is not for everyone and thus there will be people that find it unacceptable or worse repulsive. Therefore it is of utmost importance that your partner is in the right frame of mind before you even discuss the possibility of swinging as a couple.

The easiest way to do it is perhaps to talk about your fantasies. Share them with your partner when both of you are cozy and intimate. Then encourage her to talk about hers. Listen for clues that may indicate that her fantasies include multiple partners. It would be easier to bring swinging up if her fantasies are that of multiple partners.

Reassure her that she can fulfill her fantasies without jeopardizing your marriage and let it be known to her that your marriage is in great shape and that you love her and would like to see that her live out her fantasy. Pay attention to her responses. Let her absorb what you are hinting at. Do not overwhelm her or drive her to form your conclusion. Let her do the thinking and decision on how to react. Your role is just to get her to open up to you, provide the information and reassure her of your love.

Be forewarned that it may take a while for her to accept swinging; or she may never be able to accept it. If it is the latter, you have to be prepared to drop the subject altogether.

If her response is positive, you would probably want to start by joining a swinger club just to watch. Both of you need to establish the ground rules and reach mutual understanding before going to the swinger club. It is important to stick to whatever agreement both of you made once you are at the swinger club or you'd run the risk of losing your partner's trust if you break the agreement. Unless both of you mutually agrees that you'd both like to do dance with other couples too besides just watching.

If both of you are comfortable going to swinger club, you may want to ask your partner if she has any interest in soft swinging. If she says NO, then drop the subject and don't try to coerce her into it. If she gives you a non-committal answer, it could be that she has not met someone with whom she is comfortable with. Be patient! Always find a couple that both of you agree on and a couple is preferred if you are looking for soft swinging.

On the other hand, if you both feel that you are not ready for swinger club; you could always look up swinger web site on the Internet. There are many websites on swinging on the Internet and what better way to learn more about swinging than to read together and discuss the information you gather from the net. You will find that reading and talking about this would naturally pique your interest till such a time when both of you decide to check it out.

Worse case, you can use the information on the Internet to broach the subject of swinging with your partner; that is if you can't find a better way to bring this up. You can go to the site and call your partner over to check out the site with you. When presented with all the relevant information, you can gauge your partner's response to swinging.

Provided that a woman is open to it, swinging can do wonders to a woman's self esteem given a woman's preoccupation with her weight and looks. Having other men finding her desirable other is a definite boost for her self esteem and confidence. This in turn will turn up the heat in the bedroom.

In order to embrace "the lifestyle", communication is vital. There has to be total sexual honesty between both of you and the love and bond that you share has to be strong enough for you to let him or her experience sexual pleasure with others. It is very important to share your thoughts and feelings and most of all RESPECT your partner's decision.

Don't rush things! Doing it the right way can enhance your relationship but do it the wrong way and you run the risk of losing your partners' trust. So, proceed with great caution. After all, you are both in this to enhance your sex life and explore your sexuality to a greater depth.

Swinging also provides couples with chances to form new friendship, a new social network where everyone shares the same understanding that sex is a natural progression in a friendship where there is mutual attraction. Given the relative open mindedness towards sex, swinging is an opportunity to appreciate the pleasures in sex and it opens the door to explore and experiment with sex.



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