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Angry Husband

This is a true story, one of many that evolve from the late 70's and early 80's when we were very active swingers.

They were a younger couple in their mid 20's that we had exchanged mail with and I was in my early 50's and my wife late 30's. We had some wine when they arrived and after chatting so we went into the bedroom and got naked, grabbed our towels and went to our hot tub. Sitting close to the younger girl I soon found her firm young breasts with my hands and her hand was slowly massaging my hard cock. I turned and could see that her hubby and my wife were very busy as well. After a few minutes we decided it was time to find our bed so left the tub and went to our bedroom.

I first went down on the girl and my mouth and tongue were busy licking and sucking her sweet young pussy . She had several orgasmís and then pulled away and turned so she could suck my cock. Her mouth was so warm it was not long till I felt my balls tighten and was then spurting my seed into her willing mouth and she swallowed greedily. We then lay together kissing and fondling , our tongues darting against the others. My hand was fingering her hot cunt again and my fingers playing with her swollen clit. She whispered into my ear she want my cock inside her so I slipped between her spread thighs and she guided my cock to her waiting pussy opening.

I eased my hips down and my cock slipped deeper and deeper and she soon wrapped her legs around my waist and was rising up to meet each of my downward thrusts. As we slowly fucked each other I saw that her hubby was fucking my wife and then heard him moan as he shot his load of cum deep into my wifes pussy and then rolled off and lay there. I continued slowly fucking my sweet young lady and she would have a little orgasm or two and I would stop and just lay there with my cock deep inside her wet cunt.

Her hubby got up and went to the bathroom and came back and lit a smoke. My wife just lay there watching the girl and I as she loves to watch me fucking another girl. I again started a slow in and out with my hard cock and again in moments she had 2 or 3 orgasms and we again rested. Her hubby then again went to the bathroom and my wife got up and refilled our wine glasses. He returned and sat on the bed edge smoking and drinking.

By this time I was getting extremely turned on so speeded up and was now fucking the girl very hard and deep. Each time I would push my cock deep into her hot pussy she would moan and groan and ask for more and more. As I had come once I was able to stay erect for a long time and she seemed to really be enjoying my cock driving in and out. Then she seemed to hit a very high point of sexual emotions and her arms were wrapped around my neck and she was uttering small sounds and mumbling she loved my cock and it was so deep in her pussy and she wanted more and more. Then she went really wild and burst into a series of monster orgasmís and her body was going wild under me. She was driving me up the wall as the hotter she got the hotter and harder she had me fucking her. By this time she was almost crying out in pleasure and was yelling again and again... cumming... oh god your cock is making me cum so good... more baby... please, please, more, more. I love it.

Suddenly her hubby stood up grabbed his clothes and started to dress yelling at her to get up, the party was over and they were going home. When I heard him yell I stopped pounding my cock into her pussy and looked around. I saw he was dressing so slowly eased my cock from her cunt and lay back beside her. She raised up on an elbow looking around as if in a daze and looking at him ask, whats wrong ? He yelled that it was time to go and to get up and get dressed right now.

She slowly raised up and got off the bed and slipped her clothes on. As she dress she looked at me and my wife and just shrugged her shoulders. When they were dressed they walked out of the bedroom and I grabbed a robe and walked to the front door and as they left the house they said nothing. I walked back into the bedroom and then we could hear them outside. I went to the window and opened it slightly and could hear them sitting in their van arguing and then they drove off.

I ask my wife what happened ?.. She said he got off once very fast and then as much as she tried to get him hard again it did not happen. Guess seeing his wife having too much fun when he was done was too much for him to handle. We shook our heads and went back to the hot tub for a few minutes and then when back in bed had our own little party. Guess it shows that not all husbands can handle seeing their wives getting off with another guy. Too bad as she was having a good time as I was too.

About a week later his sweet wife called with an apology and we told her it was ok, no problem. The out of the blue she ask if my wife would mind if she were to come over some afternoon to visit. We told her anytime as we were retired. After she hung up my lovely wife giggled and said that I have a new admirer.

She did manage to visit us twice in the next couple of months but then we heard nothing more from her. But that another story for another time


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