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Husband Enjoys Watching

Afterwards, Cuz began putting on his clothes while the wife went into the bed room and put on a robe. She came out and told him that he should go home, because we had to talk. He suggested that we all go out for something to eat, come back and have some more fun. She told him to go home and we would let him know if there even was a next time.

After he left she asked me if I was mad at her and wanted to know what I was thinking. I told her that at the moment I was just horny and really needed a good fuck myself. She told me that she really didn’t want to fuck anymore, but that she would suck my cock to satisfy me. We went to bed and she finished what she promised and we went to sleep.

We didn’t talk about it much more for about a week. I didn’t want to embarrass her and just figured we would talk when the time was right. Then one night before we had sex she said that Cuz had called her and wanted to do it again. She said that she told him no, but that it was really making her horny thinking about it. She had a great fuck last time and would like to do it again if it was ok with me. I asked her if Cuz wanted to be with her without me and she said yes. That’s when I came up with this great idea to get even with him. I told her to go ahead, but that I wanted to watch without him knowing I was there. She was a little apprehensive, but would go along with it. The next day he called her while I was at work and tried to talk her into it again. She told him that I would be out of town on Saturday and that he could come over in the afternoon, but just for a drink. On Saturday we were both anticipating what would happen and started making plans on how we were going to carry this out. We decided that I could hide in the spare bedroom when he came, but she didn’t want him to ever find out that I was there watching.

He showed up that afternoon and had a couple bottles of Austi Champaign. I got a little pissed, because I had told him that was her favorite drink and that she got real horny after a few glasses. From the spare bedroom I was able to hear them, but couldn’t see what was going on. This time he took his time and they finished one of the bottles before getting relaxed enough to start playing around. He started playing with her tits, but she was playing hard to get and told him that nothing was going to happen while I was not there. So he opened the second bottle and filled their glasses again. After the next glass she began giggling and they started talking about the first time in a light hearted way. I could tell that they were both getting aroused, because their voices became more excited. The next thing that I heard was her moaning. I couldn’t stand it any longer and snuck around the corner for a peak. He had her almost undressed with his hand in her pants and had one of her tits out sucking on it. Then she got up and I had to hide again before he saw me. She led him to the master bedroom where I had a perfect view while she kept his back to me. He had the Champaign bottle in one hand and both glasses in the other. He made her finish her drink and then started taking off her clothes. While he was doing this she unzipped his pants and started playing with his cock. They were both a little intoxicated and she was a bit wobbly. Then she pulled down his pants and told him to bend over. She started playing with his balls that were tight as rocks and stuck her finger up his butt. Then she grabbed his cock, started jacking him off and stuck her finger in further. He was just about to Cum when she ordered “stop right there mister”. He just stood there frozen, trying not to cum. Then she got on her hands and knees on the floor and with a playful look waited to see what he would do next. At first he just stood there and admired her ass. Then he got down on his knees and slid his cock in. He grabbed her hips and started pumping, pulling her to him at the same time. Just like last time at this point I wanted to stop them and join in. As he pumped harder and harder she must have realized that he was getting close, because she told him not to cum again. He pulled out and leaned over on top of her and grabbed her tits. I saw precum dribbling out of his cock. And he went “ahhhhhh” with his mouth wide open and tried not to cum. She crawled out from under him and laid down on her back on the edge of the bed and said “fuck me just like last time”. He said that he had one more thing to do first and stuck his face in her pussy. I’m not sure what he was doing down there, but she started moaning and grabbing him by the head. She must have almost climaxed, because she pushed him away with a growl and told him “fuck me NOW”. He said “if you insist”, and started slowly fucking her while alternately sucking on each tit. This drove her crazy and just like last time she grabbed him around the butt and pulled him into her. That is about all it took, because he started pumping in long hard thrusts that kept her moaning with great satisfaction. I wanted to go in there and pull him off so I could finish the job, and was barely able to restrain myself. They went on like this for quite a long time and finally came together at the same time.

They laid there with him on top of her until she finally asked him to get off and get dressed, before someone came to the house. She reminded him that his truck was parked outside it would look bad if no one answered the door. As they were dressing she told him that she was going to tell me what happened, because if I ever found out that they were hiding it I would be really mad. He agreed and left.

After he was gone I went in and told her that she was a real slut. She took it seriously and then I had to remind her over and over that I was just kidding and enjoyed watching every minute of it and that I still loved her. She said that she was really beginning to feel guilty and maybe it should stop. I told her that everything was ok and that if it would make her feel better I would participate next time.

She went in for a shower while I planned my next move. I figured she wouldn’t be ready for sex until that evening. After she came out of the shower she was still horny and I fucked her brains out.

The next afternoon I called Cuz and told him that she told me what happened and I was really mad. He just kind of brushed it off and told me I gave him permission. Then I told him that he owed me big time and had better find a way to make it up to me.

I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed watching more than doing it myself, so…..


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