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First Time Swing Party

My wife, Judy, and I have been married for over 20 years, and have enjoyed good sex several times a week. Recently I read an article in a magazine about a couple who had just been to their first swing party, and got an erection reading about their experience.

I shared it with Judy and she got wet just reading it also. We then went to an adult store and bought a magazine for swingers and tracked down some phone numbers and started making calls. We finally decided on one which seemed to be very discreet and only accepted couples. They also had a couple hundred members so there would be plenty of opportunity to watch and/or participate.

We planned a Saturday night, took our little overnight bag filled with all our necessary articles, just in case we might decide to have sex with each other, though we had both pretty much agreed that we would only watch, the first time we went. We got there about 10 and went thru the signup, were briefed on the house rules, and given a tour of the place. Another couple joined at the same time and they seemed as nervous as we were about it all. After the tour we went to the bar and dance area and had a drink (it was BYOB) and sat to observe the dancing.

Another couple asked to join us and told us they were regulars and offered to dance with us. They were very nice, both about 35 and we are in our 40”s. My wife, Judy, is tall, about 5’10”, trim figure, 36C tits, and nice ass, long blond hair. I’m 6’, 200 lbs, athletic build. The other couple were average build, except she had boobs that looked about 38D. I danced with Mary and she was really dancing close, rubbing her tits against me and placing one hand on my ass, and I began to get aroused.

I looked over at Judy and Jim, and he was doing the same with her. Judy gave me a rather plaintiff look, like “what the hell do we do now”. The music ended and we returned to our table with the other couple touching us all the way, rubbing our backs, nuzzling our faces, and Jim placed a hand on my wifes tit and she brushed him away. (House rules are that the woman rules..when she says No, that’s it)

The other couple then left our table and we got up to dance alone and another woman came up and asked to dance with my wife. I agreed, and Judy looked stunned, but said okay. I think she had always wanted to make it with another woman. They began dancing body to body and the other woman unbuttoned her top and took out her beautiful breast and started rubbing them against Judy. She then unbuttoned Judys blouse and bra and to my surprise, Judy offered no resistance. They were now dancing tightly and rubbing their tits together. The other woman asked Judy to join her, but Judy refused and the woman left. We then went upstairs to a balcony where you could watch all the entertainment. It was amazing to see a crowded area below where about a dozen couples were fucking each other, and then rolling off, almost in sync, to fuck the man or woman next to them, until they had fucked everyone in the group.

They were fucking missionary style; doggy style; feet over the shoulders; some ass-fucking; lots of dick sucking and pussy eating. It was a fantastic fucking carnival and we were mesmerized. Then the couple who signed in with us came up next to us. They had removed all their clothes except for robes. We looked out of place and went down to the bathrooms and stripped and put on our short robes and went back up to the balcony.

The other couple were now totally nude and she was sucking his cock. He tapped my shoulder and asked if we wanted to switch. I looked at Judy and she gave me a smile as we were both so hot to go; and I said okay. Judy then went down on the guy and began sucking his cock as he lay back on the mattress. His wife just laid back also and spread her legs for me and I got on top of her and began pushing my 8’ cock into her pussy. It was already wet from their fucking and she began to grind herself against me and I came in no time.

Another younger couple in their 20’s had joined us all in the balcony and were next to us now, fucking their brains out. Another older couple, probably late 50’s were sitting there with their clothes on just watching us. I asked him to join us, but his wife shook her hed No. He was interested in fucking my wife and persisted and his wife reluctantly said ok.He immediately stripped and then forced his wife to undress.

She had a nice body for her age with 36C tits and tight ass, and very hairy cunt. Judy was losing her inhibitions now after sucking the other guys cock and seeing me fuck his wife and agreed to let the older man mount her from behind. He had a large dick, fat and about 9”, and was very gentle with Judy as he worked it all in her now-juicy cunt from behind. I was thoroughly enjoying the show and the older woman came over and gave me a kiss and asked what I wanted to do. I began fondling her tits and kissing her and she said she wanted to suck my cock so I laid back and she began taking my full length in her mouth. I was amazed at her talent from this obviously very conservative woman.

We all had to wear condoms, of course, and when I was about to come, I asked her to stop as I wanted to fuck her. She then took my dick from her mouth, positioned herself on top of me, and glided my full length into her pussy in one slow, gliding movement. She felt wonderful as she began to surge back and forth and ride me like a bronco. She was obviously having multiple orgasms and acted as if she had desires that had been pent-up for years. She fucked me to a climax and my dick slid out of her pussy and she collapsed on top of me.

The old guy had also come in Judy and she was moaning for more..I could not believe her craving for more fucking. He rolled off her and while she was till on all fours, the young guy in his 20’s just came over and proceeded to slide his 10” cock back in her hole, without even asking. Judy did not resist as he began to pump away at her cunt, slamming his balls against her ass has he fucked his full length in and out of her. His spouse, a petite dark haired woman with beautiful 38 titties reached over and grabbed my cock and went down on me, slurping my dick like an ice cream cone. Though I had gone soft after two fuckings, she brought my cock back to life and then bent over doggy style and helped me guide my cock into her waiting pussy.

Judy and I looked at each other and began to laugh as we were both fucking and getting fucked doggy style by the other couple. We were really enjoying the rides. After that I said I need a drink and went to the bar, leaving Judy in the balcony with the other 3 couples who looked temporarily fucked out. At the bar was a beautiful dark haired woman who asked if I would share a drink with her. She was fully clothed and no one was with her. She said her husband had gone off with someone. I was hesitant to approach her further as I was 20 years her senior. After our drink she asked if I was interested in her, to which I said, Absolutely. She then reached under my robe and grabbed my dick, and said “nice package, but it needs work”. She guided me to the hot tub and proceeded to strip. She had a gorgeous body, 5’8”, 130 lbs, 38D tits and cute tight ass.

We then joined another couple in the hot tub, who were already fucking each other. She asked me to sit on the side and pushed my legs apart and started sucking my cock, as I got another hard-on. She then pulled me into the hot tub and hugged my body to her and began grinding her crotch against my cock. I started kissing her neck and down to her beautiful tits, sucking her nipples and she was going crazy, grinding against me. We got up on the side and she lay back and pulled me on top of her and I slipped my new-found cock easily into her snatch and began pumping away. Another man came up and sat down next to us. She stopped momentarily and said I want to introduce you to my husband. I was taken aback, but he just smiled and continued sipping his beer, and said “go ahead, I enjoy the show”, so I went back to fucking his beautiful wife until I came again.

She continued fucking me and got me going again and then she wrapped her legs around me as she was engulfed in a massive orgasm, screaming and grinding. Her husband started clapping, and I just kept fucking her until she was done. I went back up to the balcony but Judy was not there. I looked around and then sat down to observe the orgy below with the dozen or so couples, and to my surprise, Judy was down there with them, being a part of the fuck-fest, taking on one guy after another.

I just watched for about 30 minutes and saw her get fucked by at least 4 guys and I don’t know how many before that. A black couple had joined us in the balcony and the woman came directly up to me and said “do you want to fuck” and I told her I had been with 4 women already and didn’t know if I could do it again. She said, “why, are you prejudiced”, I said “no way, but you’ll have to help”. She just laughed and grabbed my dick and started sucking me off. Her husband was a big guy, 6’4”, athletic build, and long soft cock about 12”. While he was looking around for some action, his wife continued sucking me off. She was a very pretty woman, 5’6”, 135, nice 36d tits, and was giving me a “world class” blow job. I got very hard again and she lay back and put her feet around my neck and said “fuck me hard, you white stud”. She said she had never been fucked by a white man before and wanted to see how it felt. I proceeded to fuck her for all I was worth and she was responding fantastically. I have never had a woman with such enthusiasm for fucking, not even my wife.

About that time, Judy finally returned, looking somewhat bedraggled from all the fucking she had received. The black man moved over to her and said “you have to fuck me now, since your husband is fucking my wife”. Judy just nodded and laid back, staring at his monster meat which was now erect and looked longer than 12”. She said” don’t hurt me, and go slow” and he just smiled and nodded and began to ease his 3” thick monster into her sopping wet pussy. It did not take long until he, surprisingly, had it all in her cunt and she was having another orgasm as he gentle fucked in and out of her.

Judy and I looked at each other and gave an exhausted but contented smile to each other, side by side, fucking this black couple to orgasm after orgasm. What a night it was. I fucked 5 women and Judy must have fucked at least a dozen men. I’m beginning to take more vitamins and extra viagra for our next swing meeting so I can keep up with Judy, who is anxious to go again.


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