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First Time Swinging

Watching him screw my wife was fantastic !

We did it ! We have officially become swingers. And it feels bloody great !

Last night we went to a smart hotel where we met a nice young man of 26 who had contacted us via AFF. After a few drinks we took him back to our luxury suite where Susie allowed, no begged, this stranger to put first his tongue and then his cock in her pussy and her ass. It was amazing to watch Susie with her lovely stocking clad legs wrapped around his back whilst he fucked her good and hard. I got in on the action too as together we made Susie’s wish for double penetration come true.

There was a moment, earlier in the week, when I thought it wouldn’t happen. Susie was having second thoughts. Reading what other people have written in this section of the magazine it was clear that this is very common. Susie decided to confide in a very close friend who she knew had herself had a MFF threesome. Her friend was green with envy and said ‘Go for it girl!

And she did. By the time we met our new friend Susie was very calm and clearly enjoying the moment. We all had a couple of drinks to overcome the nerves and got to know each other better. Now I know that some people advise that in this situation you should take it slowly, maybe meet each other a few times, but believe me we all knew what we wanted and having checked out that we were all up for it we set off to get it.

Susie went back to the room with Jay and I following a few minutes later. In the suite Jay went off to the bathroom and by the time he came back I had stripped to the waist and Susie and I were kissing passionately. Wasting no time, Susie threw off her dress and invited Jay to join us. During the week she had been shopping for new underwear just for the occasion. She looked stunning in her matching red lacy bra, thong and suspender belt, holding up her black stockings.

Jay and I sandwiched Susie between us and then, having undressed fully, led her to the huge bed. We pulled down her bra and sucked on one erect nipple each. Putting my hands in her panties, my fingers slid easily into her and soon, urged on by Susie, both Jay and I had our fingers inside her lovely, wet pussy. Soon Susie wanted a nice cock up her pussy but I knew that Jay had been dying to eat Susie’s cunt ever since he saw it pictured here.

He moved to the end of the bed and pulling her thong to one side Jay buried his face in Susie’s pussy. I continued to squeeze her boobs whilst we kissed passionately. Susie told Jay to put his fingers inside her whist he licked her and soon she was having her first orgasm.

I handed Susie a condom and whilst she rolled it onto Jay’s stiff prick I gently removed her panties and carried on licking her soaking love tunnel. I moved aside and reached for the camera as Jay eased himself between Susie’s wide open legs. His cock slid all the way into her and Susie raised her legs high on his back, taking him still deeper.
I was in heaven. My beautiful Susie was kissing Jay on the mouth and urging him to fuck her harder whilst his cock slid in and out of her pussy. At this point my role became the minor one, occasionally holding on to Susie’s outstretched hand as she reached out for reassurance. I let them enjoy each other awhile and then reached for the lubricant.

‘Do you want Jay up your ass Susie?’ I asked.

‘Oh, yes please!’ she squealed.

Jay took his cock out of Susie and she moved onto all fours. I rubbed the lube into her ass, my fingers sliding easily into that tight hole. Moving in behind her, Jay slowly slid his cock up Susie’s ass. As he fucked her ass I put my fingers in her pussy, knowing that this would make her come even more. I could feel Jay’s cock fucking Susie’s ass through the thin wall that separates her ass from her pussy.
For nearly two hours Jay and I fucked Susie. He licked her all over and she moaned with pleasure, especially when he rimmed her and slid his tongue into her ass.

With me on the bed, Susie got on top of me and guided my cock into her pussy, allowing Jay to penetrate her ass at the same time.
‘Oh yes’ she cried ‘fuck me you bad boys, let me be your dirty slut. Oh, fuck my ass and my pussy. Yes!’

Later on, I put my cock up Susie’s ass whilst she straddled Jay and kissed him passionately.

Finally, I fucked Susie’s wet pussy as hard as I could whilst she wanked Jay. When I came she begged me to put my fingers inside her whilst Jay began wanking himself furiously. Four of my big fingers slid into her, my own come making her pussy a slippery tunnel.

Susie told Jay to come all over her tits and then she exploded herself. As my fingers pushed harder into her well fucked pussy she squirted jet after jet of come into my face.

The sight of Susie gushing come was too much for Jay and he too shot his load, drenching Susie’s breasts.

Wow! What a fuck.

Easy now in each other’s company, the three of us relaxed on the bed and chatted whilst we regained our strength. Jay’s come glistening all over Susie’s boobs.

It was about midnight when Jay left the hotel and Susie and I fell asleep in each other’s arms.

But at 4.30 we both woke up and thrilled about what we had done. Very soon I had my cock back in Susie’s pussy and the knowledge that only hours earlier it had been filled with Jay’s prick soon had me delivering another load into her.

I love Susie and I think we are both going to love swinging too. Any couples out there want to meet?


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