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Swinging with Salesman

Two years ago, my wife thought of having her own cellular phone, after a week she came to know that one of her co-employee who was working in another department has a second job as a salesman for a cell phone company. So she called him up to inquire about the cost and what is
required to have one. From then on they communicated until she completed all the requirements and submitted to this guy. She brought me with her because she will be meeting the salesman inside a mall where the cell phone company is also located. While waiting for the queue we had a conversation and talked a lot about their company, where they were both employed and we didn't notice the time until their turn number was called.

After the transaction was over, my wife had her cell phone activated and thanked the guy. A week had passed, my wife and I was watching a TV show discussing about the swinging lifestyle which is a taboo in our country. I didn't noticed that something was up to my wife's mind and didn't bother to talk to me about it. That night we made love and I was so hot thinking about that TV episode and brought it up with her while making love and to my amazement she was very hot too and told me that she was curious about it too. And so our lovemaking became hotter and hotter until we both climaxed.

The next day, the salesman called my wife thru her cell phone and discussed about the performance of the cell phone she bought. They talked and talked until they were gaining the confidence of each other, until such time they came to discuss about the topic about sex. My wife told me about it and every time she talks about it, we were bought very hot and have sex every time. One night while we were having sex, my wife asked me - what if we try threesome I was very excited upon hearing it. It was actually a mixed jealousy and horny feeling. But the latter was very much greater than my jealous feeling. I don't know what came in to me
when I asked her to talk to the salesman and asked him if he wanted to join us. three days after, while I was watching a tv show, my wife caressed me and lick the inner lobe of my ear while sliding her hand inside my boxer shorts until she grabbed my dick and put it inside her mouth.

She stood up and grabbed my head and put it in her pussy. I licked it and placed my tongue inside her vagina until she moaned in ecstacy. at that moment she told me that she already arranged our threesome with the salesman and that we will meet him that night. I was very horny that time and asked her to call him and go to the agreed place immediately and
not wait till tonight. She called him and they agreed to meet right away.

A few minutes later we were both dressed up and met with this guy in a motel. My wife and I first went inside the room and watched cable TV and relaxed. About 10 minutes later a knock on the door both surprised us though we know who it was. I opened the door and as expected it
was the salesman. We talked and eat snack and drank a few bottles of beer. My wife already started talking and started saying horny words. The guy made the first move and started kissing my wife, I was shocked and yet became very hot of what I was seeing. My wife returned the gesture and started exchanging tongue with the guy. The salesman was moving
very fast and in a few minutes my wife was all naked. he went down and licked my wife until she screamed of pleasure. I also started feeling the intense heat and started moving. My wife grabbed my dick and placed it inside her mouth and started giving me the greatest blow-job. They guy was really good and started fucking my wife doggie style and placed her
at the edge of the bed. They made love as if I wasn't there. I was really feeling very hot and not felt any feeling of jealousy at that time. She was really screaming until she came.

We all sat exhausted and smiled. The salesman left that night and my wife and I stayed in the room till the morning. Our sexcapade with this lucky salesman was repeated again but this time it was with another girl we met at AFF. It was a foursome I will never forget, but it's another great story...


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