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Erotic Poker Game

Every year for my birthday my wife gives me the ultimate gift. For a four hour period of the planned day or night she will do anything I want no questions asked. After twenty years of being together sixteen married and four engaged I WAS more than ready to see if she would stick to her promise that we have had since our first year of marriage.

We have had extra partner sex and bondage and just about everything except group and interracial which m wife has always detested. I set up a poker game with an old friend of mine and told him I was bringing Trish along and that to invite two close and private friends of his and that she was to be open game if she did not protest.

So the next Sunday afternoon after church I told Trish to dress in a way to show off her clean shaven twat and hard as hell nipples that I was taking her to a poker game and that she was to sit on a stool next to me and show our playing mates her beautiful body from head to toe. The game was down in a shop behind the house of my friend who Trish did not know. It was also in the black section of town .

When we pulled up in Stans drive she looked at me with a what the hell look. I told her to just do what I ASK and to show off her white pussy to my black friends and it would drive them nuts. I said for her to watch the buldge in their pants and just make them crazy. After she calmed down from the shock of me taking her down to that section of town and I ASSURED HER NO ONE WAS TO KNOW THAT MY FRIENDS was to be very discreet and I TRUSTED THEM.

As we entered the shop Stan welcomed us and locked the door behind us. He then introduced us to his brother Ed who lived out of town and his business partner who was also from there. We sit down in folding chairs and Trish was to sit up higher on a bar stool which give us a straight viw up her dress. She had worn thigh high stockings and bikini panties under a short sun dress with a flimsey lace bra. As the game went on she crossed and uncrossed her legs and the dress rode high up her legs and soon we all had a good view of her panties. I think we could all tell that her crotch was wet and had slipped into her slit for a great outline of her pussy lips. She was a little shy but she could not keep her ass still. The three black guys was looking her up and down with out trying to be shy. Her nipples was sticking straight out and was hard as a rock. She tried to hide them as much as she could but when she did her dress went higher and now was at her crotch.

We took a break and we walked outside so we could talk. I told her to relax and do what ever she wanted because this was a one time fantasy and it will be a secrect. When we sit back around the table I EXCUSED MYSELF FOR THE MENS ROOM AND WHEN i returned Several of the guys rushed back to their seat like i walked in on something. i set down and as the cards were dealt i noticed each one of them staring at my wifes crotch. When i looked down i was stunned to see trish with no panties. She then said the boys took her panties off while i was gone and had fingered her soaked pussy. stan then said that her panties was on the wall were they would stay until she came back to get them. Trish then got up and walked over to Stan and stood beside his chair with her back to me and let Stan finger her twat while the other two watched. I could not see clear but from the sounds there was no mistaking what was going on.

After a good little show the other two ask me to go with them so they could show me something. After walking outside for about five minutes we turned the corner to the door and ther was my naked wife riding Stan while he sit in his chair. She was bouncing up and down on his large pole and playing with her tits and moaning like never before. Stan had a couple of fingers playing with her clit and she was going crazy. They fucked like wild people for over twenty minutes when he flipped her over on her knees bent over the chair and plowed her pussy like never before. After about thirty minuutes of this pounding he shot a hugh load in and all over her ass and pussy.

When he pulled out she was still humping for all she was worth. Her pussy was gaping open with his cum running out and down the crack of her well fucked ass. He then took his cock and put it in her mouth for her to clean and then left her laying in a jerking heap. She has been back on more than one poker game and it is her that gets poked. He has fucked her for about two years and even let the other two have her. She always comes home well fucked and looks foward to her trips to that section of town


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