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How We Started Swinging

I hope this doesn't get too long for you, but let me give you some history of us. Even before we got married I knew I could never fully satisfy her sexually. I could eat her to satisfaction, but as soon as I tried to fuck her I cum within 2 or 3 strokes.

Sometimes even before getting it in her. We had been living together for about three months when one night while I was at work she got drunk and let one of the guys we work with, and had a reputation of using women for his pleasure, fuck the shit out of her. She said she was sorry and I could really satisfy her with my tongue, but she likes a really good fuck too. She said she would understand if I made her move out. I asked her to marry me instead. Then when I first started to talk about a threesome she was very reluctant to even talk about it. Well it finally came out that she thought that this was just a way for me to get even and other women. So I told her I had no intentions of fucking other women, that I just wanted her to have all the sexual pleasure she desired. So with that said we set some rules to play by.

How silly of me to think they would last.

1. This was for her sexual pleasures and her desires.

2. I was not to have any sexual relation with any other woman than her.

3. No kissing that was intimate and was to be reserved for us.

4. Condoms would be used for penetration because I felt that should be reserved for us.

Well our first time was pretty much as we had discussed it. We met him for drinks and a "get to know each other meeting". The next meeting we met him at a motel bar. We had a couple of dinks and talked then he asked if he should get a room. Before I could speak she said "sure I'm ready". As soon as he left to get the room I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. Well her answer was "was I ready to see my wife fucked by another man".

About that time he returned with the key and we were off to the room. As soon as we got to the room his shirt was off. As he started to help her with her clothes we could tell she was nervous. So I asked again was she sure she wanted to do this. She was sure , but I should go to the bar and get me another beer and give her a couple of minutes alone with him.

When I returned back to the room with my beer I wasn't prepared for what I saw. He was naked laying back on the bed and she was naked kneeling over him sucking away on his cock. His cock was about the same size as mine. She looked up with this big smile and said get your clothes off an cum get this pussy ready for a good fuck. And laid back and spread her legs for me. Well it didn't take but a second to be naked and my head between her leg licking away. I felt him moving on the bed so when I looked up his dick was back in her mouth and she was sucking him as I licked her.

After she cum she push me away, he got up put the condom on and crawled between her legs and started to fuck her. He fucked her this way for about 5 minutes then they changed to him fucking her from behind this went on for about 10 minutes then as soon as he cum he got up took off the condom and got dressed, kissed her on the cheek and said his goodbye's. I licked her again and fucked her before we left. Shortly later we moved so when he got back with us we couldn't get together with him again.

The next guy we got with was about a year later. We met him through the ad we placed. In his answer he said his dick was 9". The first time we got together went about the same way, except when she pushed me away. She pulled my head up to her and kissed me then said " of course you know this man is going to touch me places with that big dick that you never will. And boy could he fuck. He fucked her missionary for about 15 minutes then changed to fucking behind her and this went for another 15 or 20 minutes. He still hadn't cum And said he needed a little rest. About 5 minutes later it all started again. When he stopped fucking her he brought his dick to her mouth pulled of the condom and had her suck him more then he pulled out of her mouth and cum on her tit's.

We got back with him about 3 months later and this is when the "NEW" rules become carved in stone. When we met him we had a couple of drinks then she told me to go get the room. When I returned she was leaning over and really kissing him. When I returned to the table he excused himself to go to the rest room. When he left her I asked her what she was doing. well she asked me if i wanted her to have sex or did I want her to fuck other men, but before I answered that "her desire was to FUCK other men", and what ever rules were left at the end of the night we would live by.

So we left for the room as soon as we were in the room he had her in his arms making out like crazy as they undressed. She then had me eat her as she sucked him then she pushed me away and when he started to put the condom on she took it and laid it on the bed stand and said if she wanted to feel latex she would use a dildo. I then watched as his bare dick began to fuck my wife. They fucked like this for a while then he suggested that she get in a 69 with me she would suck me for a while then she would suck him for a while.

Then he moved behind her I tried to push her off but she wasn't going to move so I licked her as he fucked her and as luck would have it he stopped before he cum. As he laid back to rest for a few minutes she sucked him. Then he started fucking her again till he cum balls deep in her pussy. After he pulled out she sucked him hard again and it all started over. All in all she had his dick in her pussy or mouth for over an hour and a half. When I started to mount her she said how do I like fucking a FUCKED pussy. And it looks like we now have only 2 rules that will never be broke, #1 and #2, and I added my cum to her cum filled pussy. She later told me that being licked and fucked at the same time was the greatest, and what turned her on the most about fucking other men was her being a "bad wife" and a "fuck slut".


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