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My wife and I often share our fantasies during foreplay. This has become a huge turn on for both of us to tell each other stories while having sex. The stories have been kind of exploratory to find what turns the other on the most. Well I have found that by telling my wife of stories of her seducing someone or being seduced by someone really have a tremendous effect on her and myself.

Nothing makes her come harder and more often than when we talk about the possibilities of sharing her body with someone other than myself. We have made up scenarios where she would seduce someone she works with, her boss, a mutual friend, someone we just met at a club, someone that she bumped into on an elevator, etc. They never fail to get us so excited and charged with energy that soon turns into a night of marathon sex.

I have found that the thought of her having sex with someone else is a huge turn on for me as well. This has also led to her dressing a lot more seductively and teasing me, by flirting and dancing with other guys when we go out. Which is a great turn on for me. To tell you what a beautiful woman Kim is would not do her justice. But she has a perfect body one that makes men and women want her. I really enjoy the attention she gets when we go out. This night was not any different except that I had not given her all the information about this night.

All I had told her was, that we going out of town for the weekend so not to plan anything around the house. But the plan I had was to go to an off premise swingers club. I called and it seemed like a fun place and since it was off premise I felt like it would be a pretty safe place to go. Then share fantasy’s about being there later that night at the hotel. On the way there I set the plan into action by teasing her about having sex with someone else of course she played alone and teased back. I told her that tonight she could do what ever she wanted without the fear of me getting angry or upset in anyway.

She sexily teased back of course by saying “you better watch what you ask for you could just might get it, we are out of town you know”! She started giving me a great blow job as I drove I’m sure more than one trucker got to see her great ass. We checked into the room and started getting ready when see came out she had on a new outfit that I had not seen. Wow! I could not help but think how perfect she was dressed for the swing club. She had on a black mini skirt that was very soft and free flowing so that if the wind blew her skirt would fly up. Easy access. “Yeah” her top was a shinny peach colored low front just held in place with narrow strap around her neck that snapped into place this showed off her perfect firm breast nicely. One could see her nipples just buy her leaning just a little forward.

At that point she bent over like see was taking a shoot on a pool table and said. “Do you think you will be able to take other guys seeing so much of my body as I play pool with them” as she did I could see the very small white g-string panties as I could not help it I had to touch them and she responded but I knew that we should go so I pulled myself away and headed to the club. I knew the valet got a good look at my wives great legs and scantly covered pussy as she took her time getting out of the car. She still did not know we were at a swingers club till we paid our money to get in and the guy started telling us of the rules of the club.

She squeezed my hand and then punched me in the shoulder as we walked in and said “ so that is why you have been so secretive of where we were going” as we walked to the bar to get drinks we began looking around the room there were a lot of very attractive people all dress to the nines. We go our drinks and looked for a spot near the dance floor and found a small area near the D.J. Booth and dance floor. While watching the dance floor we both noticed that there was a lot more than just dirty dancing going on. But it was all very sexy watching a few minutes later I noticed that both of us had downed our drinks as I went to the restroom and get more drinks, When I returned Kim said “see those guys behind me” I said “yes” while you were gone. “They had ask me to dance with them”. I teasingly ask “ why aren’t you dancing then?” She said “don’t be mad but I told them I would but I had to wait for your approval”. I told her that she could dance with them and do what ever she wanted if she would take off her panties first. I thought she would at least go to the restroom but she reach under her skirt pulled her panties below the hem of her skirt and told me I would need to pull them off the rest of the way. I did as I was told, while there were plenty of people around only a few really noticed mostly the two guys behind her that were already holding her as I finished pulling them off. She then kissed me and said she would be back in a moment as she pulled the two guys to the dance floor.

With her in the middle they began to play with her tits, and pussy by the end of the first song they were fingering her very wet pussy and sucking her tits it was no different than what everyone else on the dance floor was doing the same thing. But I was watching her, with two guys fingering her pussy playing with her ass kissing mouth and neck and sucking her tits. I could see her rubbing their cocks thru their pants the way she was moving I know she was going to cum right there on the dance floor. It was closer to sex in a pile than dancing. They only danced to three songs when Kim cam off the dance floor the guys went to their table. As I put my hand under her skirt her pussy was the wettest I have ever found it. I ask if she cam she said “YES can’t you tell”? I ask her, “Did you have fun? “yes”

She then ask me if I like watching them play with her”? “YES” I did! As she rubbed my cock. She ask. ”if I had thought about them fucking her”? Of course I had to say. “YES” then she ask “if it turned me on to think of about her fucking them”? Again “YES” she said they really wanted to fuck her bad and kept asking her to leave with them. I ask if she were Going to dance with them again. She said maybe? “Maybe I ask”? She said “Maybe, when I get back”! Get back? I said. “Where are you going”? She said. “You Promise not to get mad? “Yes I promise. She then said. “They want me to go with them to smoke a joint”. I said. “You know they are going to try to fuck you!” She said “No! Their Not! With a sexy smile!” I said. “ You don’t think there going to try to fuck you after fingering your wet pussy on the dance floor.” As I’m playing with her wet pussy and she is rubbing my cock thru my pants as she again say’s. “I promise you their not going to “try” to fuck me!” Still, I ask how can you say that? “Cause, if you let me go they are definitely going to fuck me!” she then said “I will tell you everything they do to me when we get back to the room!” I said “okay” and she said she would be back in a few hours gave my cock a good rub and kissed me bye.

I was so nervous as I watched her walk out the door with a guy on each arm knowing that she was going to fuck them both. Well, she found me at the bar about, four and half hours later she was glowing, thinking me for letter her go and asking if we were coming back tomorrow? I told her we could if she wanted to! She said great “Cause if you are going to take me home right now and fuck me, I will have to come back to finish what I have started!” Then she said “Get me out of here now and I will tell you everything that happened!” We got the car and she pulled her skirt up to show me her well fucked pussy is was swollen and very wet still there was no mistaken the cum on her pussy and on her skirt. She said your okay with this aren’t you? I said “Yes” she then started sucking my cock it was not far to the hotel as I pulled in she stopped, when we got in the room she got on the bed and I could not help it but I wanted to see her pussy it looked great. I had to taste her. I ask her if she let them cum in her pussy? She said. “Yes” in her pussy her mouth and on her face.

She told me how as they got in their car, she pulled the drivers cock out and was sucking it before they were out of the parking lot. While the other guy was on the floorboard eating her pussy they were at a stop light when the truck was stopped next to us watching them. She said. This was when he cam in her mouth and she showed it to the guy in the truck before she swallowed it. They got to apartment and she was completely naked. She did not even try to put her dress back on she just grab it and started up the stairs when they walk in the apartment she went straight to the big couch and set down the guys’ took turns eating her pussy and fucking her.

She could not count how many times she had cam nor could she tell how many times they cam in her at least twice each in her pussy or on her ass, once each in her mouth by the time I saw you again. Then she said. “On the way back to the club they kept telling her how hot she was and they wanted to introduce her to a friend of theirs’ at the club he was the owner and the reasons they were allowed to come to the club without dates on couple only nights. She then said you know when I said I needed to go back to finish what I started? I said yes, Well, She said. I had been back at the club for about two hours when I came up to you at the bar.

They wanted to introduce me to the owner so we went to his office we got in and he was behind his desk but got up to shake my hand. His name was tom the first name I have gotten all night. he ask the guys to go get us a bottle of wine and they left, he ask if I were seeing one of them and I explained that I was here with my husband and I had only just met them in the bar. He then ask her if I were okay with his wife fucking two guys? She told him. “Yes” as he walked up behind her, his hands were now slowing moving down her arms. He ask her how my husband is going to take knowing you were fucked by two guys. She said then. “ she reached back started rubbing his cock and said to him that it was going to be even more difficult explaining to my husband that I fucked three guys”! With that he started fingering her pussy from behind she was holding on to a chair that was just in front of her. He then got on his knees and was eating her pussy an licking her ass. when she thought the guys had come back in. he kept eating her pussy for a couple minutes then someone she had not seen walked around the front of the chair with his cock out pulling on it. He then stepped up on the chair with one foot while feeding her mouth his cock she was now getting fucked from behind by tom and someone else was fucking her mouth. She said. She knew. She was now getting fucked again by two more complete strangers. But could not stop she was so turned on that she was cumin over and over again. Then she said. “They, started cumin at the same time she was. That is when the door open again this time, it was the guys. She said tom nor the other guy were through with her as they took off all of her clothes laid her on the floor and switched positions.

As the other guy cam in her pussy she said that tom pulled his cock from her mouth telling her that he wanted to fuck her pussy last as the other two guys had now taken there clothes off and were hard again from watching her get fucked by there friends it was not long before she had them cumin again as they fucked her she said. “Tom” watched, The other guy left. She said. When the door opened for him to leave she was scared someone else would come in. but they didn’t. When they finally cam, She said tom ask her not to get dressed and the other guys were saying their good bye’s she said that tom pulled to her feet and walked her over to a little room off the office that had big pillows and a mattress she said they laid down and he ask if she wanted a drink. As she need something she said yes and he called out to the bar to bring in bottle of wine. She said she never got any of the last bottle. But then went on to say that he then pulled her leg up in the air an started fucking her from behind. She said in the back of her mind she knew that someone would be bringing the wine in soon.

But, she explained that she had never been so excited. And did not want to stop. So with Tom fucking her from behind holding her leg in the air when the guy walked in with wine she did not stop nor did Tom but started cumin in her pussy just as the other guy started to set the wine down. The pour guy poured the wine three glasses set down with us he played with her a little. She then told me that she could not take it anymore and told the guy that he would have to wait till tomorrow if tom and him wanted to fuck her cause either she needed to leave are at least tell me where she was. That is why she had something to finish. I cam twice as she told me of what took place. She ended up fucking and sucking four strangers in one night. and yes we did go back but that is another story. Always finish what you start!


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