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Swingers Club Experience

My wife Helen & I were invited to a private swingers club by a friend of hers from school. She was told it was a private, members only, club and new couples could only join by (a) being invited by the committee and (b) by completing an initiation ceremony at their first meeting.

We talked about it, and decided to give it a try. We had often talked about a 'third person' during our lovemaking to spice things up a little, but we had not so far done anything about realising the fantasy.

Helen was really looking forward to it, but on the night had an attack of the nerves and nearly changed her mind. We finally went, however, and this is what happened...

The party was at a private house, and when we arrived we met 9 other couples - they said that there are a max of 20 couples in the club, and a max of 10 couples can attend any party. Anyway, we chatted for a while, and had some drinks. Everyone seemed really nice. The couples ranged from early 20's to late 40's. I'm 38 and Helen is 34, so we fitted in the middle of the range. Helen seemed to attract a lot of attention. she is about 120lbs and 5'7". Long blonde hair tied in a pony tail, blue eyes, and that night she was wearing black 4" heels, stockings, garter, basque and plain dress down to about 3" above her knees. After about an hour, the host and hostess called everyone's attention, and said it was time for the initiation.

My wife and I were both apprehensive. Then everyone sat in a semi-circle watching us, whilst the host and hostess took us to the middle of the room, where there was a chair, and a padded stool about 18" high. I was stripped naked by the hostess, and the host removed my wives kickers and dress, so she just had on the basque, stockings, garter and heels.

I was told to sit on the chair, and Helen was told to kneel on the stool, with her hands on the floor in front. This placed her ass very high in the air, and really allowed a good view of her pussy and ass.

Then, the hostess told everyone what was to happen. She was going to suck my cock, whilst her husband spanked Helen's bare ass with a leather spanking strap, one stroke every 30 seconds, until I came in his wife's mouth. Once I came, the host would then stop the strapping and take Helen there and then, still bent over, kneeling on the low stool.

I was way too shocked to say anything, but Helen just moaned "Oh my God". We were given 30 seconds to get up and leave if we wished, but if we wanted to join the club all we had to do was stay in position, and go through with it.

I looked at Helen, and she looked across at me from her bent over position, but neither of us moved. I was still watching Helen as I felt the hostess put my cock in her mouth, and I saw the host give Helen a fairly hard stroke of the strap. It make a very loud 'crack', and sounded like a gunshot. I expected her to yell and jump up, but in fact she just grunted and gave a moan.

This went on for a while, with the hostess sucking me (and she was VERY good, luckily for Helen !)and with Helen getting a very hard stroke of the strap once every 30 seconds. Each time she just moaned and grunted, and once in a while she'd moan something like 'Oh my God', and 'Please cum Warren !' :-)

I finally came in the hostesses mouth after 5 minutes, so Helen had taken 10 strokes of the strap. As I came, the host then dropped the strap, and took Helen from behind, there and then, still kneeling on the stool. Her ass was bright red all over, I mean VERY red, and quite sore looking. She told me afterwards it was the strangest sensation, feeling his thighs rub up against the stinging sensation as he pressed into her on each 'in stroke'.

After he finally came, she was helped to stand, and everyone there gave us a huge round of applause. They all came over to welcome us to the club, and lots of the women came to tell Helen how they knew just how she felt, as they remembered THEIR initiation.

After that we both went to the bathroom to shower. Helen also had me rub so cream into her ass that the hostess had given her. When we came out of the bathroom, everyone gave us another round of applause, and many of them congratulated Helen on doing so well. We watched some people making out for a while, and then we left. When we got home, sex was unbelievable, and Helen came very hard.

She said the strap stung, but the whole situation had been so erotic she was soaked the whole time. The only moan was that she thought I could have cum quicker to save her some strokes, but honestly, I came as fast as I could ;-)

Anyway, that was our first experience, and Helen has already said she wants to go again. Next time, we can just play without having to do anything like that, although both of us said we would like to see another new couple initiated.

If we do go, I'll write up another article to let you know how we get on.


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