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Swingers Party

There are several different types of swingers party. One of them are called Off Premises party. Off premises swingers party mostly are held in public venue such as hotel and ballroom. Off premises swingers party mostly disallow sexual activities at these parties. It is meant for people to get contacts, socialized and later arrange to have appointment. This type of party are recommended for newcomers as an introduction scene.

On premises swingers party as the name mentioned are mostly held in member's private home or dedicated location. Most of the time, members need to follow house rule as more intimate encounters can happen here. Sexual activities are confined to specified locations. Remember to check with the organizers. There are a few types of rooms available. Mainly, private room, semi-private room and group room. Sexual activities between two people or threesomes used to be held in private rooms. Semi private rooms are reserved for threesomes or two couples who wish to swing together in the same room. Group room is the place for exhibitionist and have fantasies about sexually interacting with a large number of swingers at the same time.

Important things to follow in a swingers party

  1. Respect other members. Don't be pushy.
  2. Keep an eye on your partners.
  3. Respect the property of others. Do not take other member's belonging. As a rule of thumb, never wear expensive jewelry, valuables and a lot of cash.
  4. If got disagreement that cannot be resolved, quietly leave. Do not argue in public.
  5. Personal hygiene is imperative. You can bring your own toiletries if needed.
  6. Always practice safe sex. Use of condom is a norm.



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