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How to Get your Wife into Swinging

Are you one of the many husbands out there that is thinking of talking your wife into adopting "the swinging lifestyle"? If you are, there's good news and bad news for you. The bad news is; it is no easy task to convince your wife to get into swinging. You'll need to be very persistent, patient and loving and supportive but refrain from being pushy. Expect a lot of resistance from her and be prepared to drop the whole thing if she is very much against it.

The good news is, in time she can be persuaded to realize the benefits of swinging. It would be fantastic if she is enthusiastic about swinging when you bring it up but the chances of that happening is next to none. : However, all is not lost and here are some of the things that you can do to introduce her to "the swinging lifestyle".

Casually mention swinging to your wife. Involve her in your research; browse the net together and treat it like you are both satisfying a curiosity on swinging. A good way to learn more is by reading posting in forums and probably contributes to the forums too. Replies to postings in forums usually more or less contain the answers to any questions you may have. Therefore reading the forum postings will give your wife an insight to swinging and what to expect from it.

Alternatively, you can talk to your wife about swinging. Keep the tone light and watch her reaction. If she appears interested, bring back some materials for her to read and digest. Talk and discuss about it. Share your fantasy with your wife and let her know what turns you on. Get her to share her fantasy with you. However, don't push it if she is not comfortable.

Keep the communication channel open. Communication is extremely important if you want to try swinging. Both of you need to be very comfortable and secure with each other's love before attempting swinging. If there is a lack of communication, it is only a matter of time before jealousy sets in! Jealousy is one thing you definitely want to avoid in a relationship as it plants the seed of distrust and it breaks up relationship.

If all goes well, both of you may want to visit and off-premise swinging club to check things out. Off-premise clubs are more suitable for first timers as there is no pressure to participate as all sex activity are done off site. So, this gives you the freedom to observe, drink, dance and flirt.

Once you manage to find a crowd that you are more agreeable with or you've made some new friends at the swing club and find yourself more acceptable of "the lifestyle", you may want to start off with soft swinging. Remember to only pursue this if your wife is agreeable and also interested.

You can't talk someone into swinging and neither can you force or bully them into it. Swinging is meant to enhance your love life and relationship as a whole. It is about sharing it with someone you love. Bear in mind that in the event that your wife is not interested, you are not entitled to proceed on your own! And never ever attempt to hire a social escort to be your partner to a swing party.

Swinging is not a replacement for a bad relationship; it is an enhancement for a loving and secure relationship. So, if you start swinging on the wrong footing for all the wrong reasons, don't expect to benefit from it in anyway. Worst case, you may end up with a dysfunctional marriage!

Swinging has enhanced our sexual life and brought us closer together at a more intimate level. In my case, we reaped all the positive effect of swinging but bear in mind that swinging is not for you if your relationship is on the rocks!

Happy Wife Swinging !


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